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Blog 6: How can you still get a connection in a "Funkloch"?

12. July 2021

I am regularly asked whether AirInternet is possible in a certain area, as it is said to be a white spot. The Germans have a very nice term for that, 'Funkloch'. I always say ' if it's in the air we'll take it out.' Let's see what a white spot means, the most common description is that you can't make calls with the mobile device indoors. The cause is usually that the building/house is attenuating the signal, the transmitter mast is unfavorable or is too far away. Often the assumption is then made that an Internet connection via 4G is also not possible, which is not true.

The technology behind AirInternet is different than in a mobile device. An important difference is the antenna, the antenna of a mobile device is inside the device itself, if there is no signal indoors, it won't work. Outdoors you have a much better mobile signal, by using an outdoor antenna you get better reception and therefore a faster Internet connection.

An antenna acts like an amplifier. If the standard antenna cannot strengthen the signal enough, you can use a directional antenna to further strengthen the signal. In this way, we can deliver high-speed business Internet to almost any location with AirInternet.

In a future blog, I'll take you through how we make Internet at sea possible.

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