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No Fiber | No Problem
You just found the best 4G and 5G internet specialist for Business Solutions in rural and industrial areas. We provide connectivity on the thoughest places in Europe.

Wifi for all your guests, without investment costs!

Need a good wifi system on location? For campsites, vacation parks and other locations where many people gather, we have the wifi ticket system. Beforehand, we do a site survey and investigate what infrastructure is already present and where additional needs exist. In this way we can realize fast internet connections on location and then build a covering wifi network by placing one or more wifi masts.

As for the tickets we can offer your guests, we are very flexible. Day tickets, weekend and weekly tickets. Free basic wifi, fast premium wifi. A seperate network for park employees, in addition to the guest wifi. Whatever the requirements we can build them specifically for you.

By working with a ticketing system, guest wifi changes from a cost item into a revenue model. In case the one-time investment costs are too high for you, we can also work together to take on part of the investment in exchange for a ticket sales commitment.

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