What is Starlink

Starlink is a satellite constellation under construction by the U.S. space company SpaceX to provide Internet access. Like AirInternet, Starlink aims to provide fast and reliable Internet, including in places where you currently struggle to connect. But that with satellite instead of 5G.

What is Starlink?

Starlink is a type of Internet that works through satellites in space.
By placing thousands of satellites in low Earth orbit, the company hopes to deliver broadband Internet worldwide, at a cost comparable
to current (wired) Internet connections. To do so, users will need an antenna "the size of a pizza box."
Starlink was founded in 2015 and is a division of the SpaceX program. The name was registered in 2017.
SpaceX is a private organization controlled by Tesla tycoon Elon Musk. They design, manufacture and launch advanced rockets and spacecraft.

Who does Starlink belong to?

Starlink belongs to Elon Musk
Elon Reeve Musk is a South African-Canadian-American entrepreneur. Musk was born June 28, 1971, in Pretoria, South Africa, the son of a Canadian mother and a South African father.
After his parents divorced in 1980, Musk lived mostly with his father.
He moved to Canada in June 1989, just before his 18th birthday, after receiving Canadian citizenship through his mother.
He is the founder of SpaceX and co-inventor and founder of Zip2. Musk is CEO of Tesla,

What is Starlink and how does it work?

Starlink is a satellite constellation under construction to provide Internet access, from the U.S. space company SpaceX .

The network targets rural areas where there is no high-quality Internet and 5G technology is unattractive because of distances. He is not targeting urban areas; he says a satellite network could never provide enough bandwidth for a densely populated area.
Starlink works with a network of thousands of small satellites orbiting the earth. These satellites are connected to each other and to ground stations on Earth. If you want to use Starlink, you need a special satellite dish and a router.

To use it you need 3 things so that you can use Starlink for internet:
1 Starlink dish with accompanying tripod or phased-array user terminal antenna
2 Wifi router
3 The dish must always have a clear upward view so that it can communicate with the satellites without obstruction, this is called the clear Line of sight.
You set up the satellite dish on location through the Starlink app that you can download.

Starlink combined with roaming

Starlink has released a global roaming offer called Roam. The monthly subscription is not cheap, and in Western Europe, Starlink Roam is a very expensive option. Users of the new Roam subscription must also buy a receiver . That, by the way, does not work when used in moving vehicles. For that, Starlink has another special terminal that is 5x as expensive.Note: Starlink Roam only works on land for now. For use at sea, there is a special subscription that is already much more expensive.

Is Starlink better than fixed Internet?

No, fixed Internet gives a fixed value (as long as there is no interference).
Starlink provides Internet via satellite. These satellites orbit the earth.
That means that as long as you are within range of a satellite your connection is stable and fast enough. But you keep moving out of range of one satellite and then into range of the next. Even if you don't move yourself. Starlink's technical teams are working to improve performance. On their Web site , you can download the latest latency report. By latency, we mean the delay in data transmission.

Is Starlink an interesting addition in Europe?

According to Starlink itself, it is "ideally suited to parts of the world where connectivity is typically a challenge."
For Western Europe, then, the need for a Starlink Internet connection will be less of an issue because there is already good coverage of wired Internet and a good, fast 4G/5G network.

What is Starlink and can I use it with AirInternet?

Yes indeed. Starlink can be used in combination with AirInternet. For example with our SDWAN solution or our 5GTurbo. Read all about SDWAN here . AirInternet has resellers at home and abroad who also have Starlink in their portfolio and can explain everything about it. Call or email us and we'll put you in touch!


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