AirInternet Connectivity

AirInternet is the solution to a, until now, common problem; No Fiber. Our B2B portfolio is the most complete mobile connectivity package for IT distributors in the EU27+.

What is the power of AirInternet®?

AirInternet offers you the most complete white label connectivity portfolio.


1. Free choice

With us you are not stuck with one provider you have freedom of choice even during the term!

2. Speed

In fact, our portfolio includes all providers throughout Europe. Speed is our second strong point, wherever you are in Europe within a maximum of one week you are online.

3. Check

Third, all connections can be provided with a fixed IP address and bundled using our SD-WAN. Then you can keep control yourself using our API or our management platform.

Focus on Europe- Global Footprint


Multiple Tier1 Data Centers

Redundant Core Network

5G Full Roaming in EU27+

API access

Own APN possible

E-sim possible

Management platform

In fact, chances are you have already come into contact with our AirInternet. In fact, you will come across AirInternet on trains, buses, boats, in airports, behind TV broadcasts and much more.

Not for nothing do we say; No Fiber-No Problem!

The World of AirInternet®

A partner network that is growing. Grow with us!

We are happy to inform you about AirInternet and the possibilities of our partner program. Become part of one of the largest mobile connectivity networks!