A Point of Sale (POS) system is a modern POS system used to accept and process payments from customers. It is important to ensure that the connection between your POS system and your payment processor is secure to protect your customers' data. This is how you create a Secure Point of Sale connection.

What does the abbreviation POS mean in a secure Point of Sale connection?

POS is the acronym for Point of Sale, the place where a customer makes payment for goods and/or services and where the business owner becomes liable for sales tax. This place is usually located around the cash register.

In addition to face to face in a store, a POS transaction can also take place online.

What is a Point of Sale System?

It describes the place where the sale takes place. In the broadest sense, then, a Secure Point of Sale connection, or POS, can be an entire department store, or a market or city.

A point-of-sale (POS) is more than a cash register system that businesses use to manage sales transactions. In the past, your point-of-sale simply consisted of a fixed cash register, plus a paper cash book to keep track of your purchases and sales.
Today's POS system gives you insight into such things as customer details, how many products you still have in stock and what the status of sales statistics is. It offers you as an entrepreneur many possibilities and advantages.

What are the reasons for choosing a secure Point of Sale connection?

With a secure connection, you are simply better protected from outside attacks and can use the POS to its full potential.
* Automatic updates
* Accurate reporting and analysis
* Mobile payments
* Data available everywhere
* Checkout at the table
* Collect customer data
* Make adjustments easily
* Pick up and online ordering
* Theft is no longer possible

How does the checkout work on a secure connection?

A cash register can be found in every store. A cash register as part of a POS is not a stand-alone device - it is an arrangement of devices that together provide an efficient and convenient checkout process.
Through a secure Point of Sale connection, information is exchanged. This can be via the cloud, a web shop or or through hybrid POS software

As a business owner, what do you need to know about a secure Point of Sale connection?

Choose a reliable connection, fixed or mobile. Beforehand, it is wise to examine these 5 principles:
1 Inventory vulnerabilities
2 Choose secure settings
3 Perform updates
4 Limit access
5 Prevent viruses and other malware (source: Digital trust center tax authority NL)

What types of connections are there for a Secure Point of Sale connection POS?

For a POS system, multiple connections can be combined, fixed and mobile connections. With AirInternet SD-WAN you create a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%. If you use one or more of our connections, you can fully roam on 4G or 5G on any network in the EU27+. With a fixed IP address on your connection or on all connections using the SD-WAN, you create better security for your connection.
If you want even better security, it is even possible to create a private network for your POS system.

Our data bundles are flexible so you can quickly scale up in high season and down in low season. In this way the costs are in line with your revenues and you will not be confronted with nasty surprises.

With AirInternet you get the perfect connection for your POS system!


Where can I request a secure Point of Sale (POS) connection?

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