Fast internet without fiber

No one can live without high-speed Internet anymore

Nobody can do without fast Internet anymore, yet it sometimes seems like it is impossible for some places.
In many places in Limburg, for example, fiber optics has been or is being installed. By mid-2023 that job should be finished. But not for everyone.
The province estimates that about a thousand households will never be connected to the fast Internet. It is often thought and written that fast Internet without fiber optics is impossible. But that's not true.

Fiber optic Internet is super fast

Monique Evers wrote an interesting article about fiber optics in Limburg in December 2021 that was published in Dagblad De Limburger
"Fiberglass is super fast. The system is also less sensitive to interference. The fiber optic cable uses less energy because it communicates data via light. That is a lot more economical than regular cable."

Piet Grootenboer, director Delta Fiber Network says in this interview:

"Delta Fiber Network is laying fiber optics in the outlying areas of the Netherlands. North and Central Limburg are largely ready, South Limburg is next.
We are not always allowed to dig cables through the dikes along the Meuse River to prevent leaks."

You can read the entire article on the site of the Limburger

People are doing more and more online;
A region without high-speed Internet is really not up to date. For businesses, this is a must, because it ensures that they can grow. But how do you get fast Internet without fiber optics?

Is fiber optics synonymous with fast Internet? No, definitely not!

What is striking is that everywhere fiber optics has been made synonymous with high-speed Internet. Not just in this article, but everywhere....
Now that makes sense to someone like Piet Grootenboer 😉
but it's not right!!!

Fiber optics is fast Internet, but fast Internet is not just fiber optics. Just like :
- a Great Tit is a bird, but not all birds are Great Tits!!! -

Mobile Internet has now become so stable and so fast that it is a very good choice in place of fiber.
The statement is therefore incorrect.
So fast internet is also possible for the Limburg households that do not get an offer for fiber (reduced or otherwise).
Fast internet without fiber exists!!!

Fast Internet - What options are there besides fiber?

In the Netherlands, there are several ways to set up an Internet connection, some faster than others:

  • Through the telephone network
  • Via the (television) cable
  • Via fiber optics
  • Through the 4G and 5G network
  • Via satellite
  • Via jet link

Telecom comparators such as can often shed light on the options available. Always check whether their advice is free or not, though, so there are no surprises.
Of course you can always call or email us, we are happy to think along with you. We ourselves have been providing fast internet without fiber for years.

Some background information on high-speed Internet:

Internet over the telephone network

There were once three ways to get online over the copper wire telephone network. Dial-up with an analog modem, via ISDN or a connection via xDSL.

The first two have long since gone or disappeared and will not be discussed further here.

For a DSL connection, the phone line is split for passing phone and Internet traffic.

You have (A)DSL and VDSL, the latter being the faster variant.

With DSL, the speed decreases as you live farther from the neighborhood exchange.

Internet via (television) cable

It has been possible to use the Internet over television cable since 1995,

CAIW was the first cable operator in the Netherlands to make this possible.

Compared to those early days, speeds have improved considerably. Anno 2021, we have one major nationwide cable provider: Ziggo.

Smaller providers have teamed up and together are firmly establishing themselves as Delta Fiber... See, there we have Delta Fiber Network again 🙂 ...

Cable providers were originally TV providers. Television is therefore the basic service that you were obliged to purchase. At Ziggo, by the way, since October 2021 you can also take out 'internet only' contracts.

Cable providers can provide subscriptions with high speeds. The reason is that the material from which the "cable" is made makes this possible. Simple really. Again, distance from a exchange matters, but less than with xDSL. There can be up to 10% deviation in speed to be achieved. Note: in the maximum achievable speed, under ideal conditions.

Internet by satellite is a broadband connection to the Internet through communication with one or more satellites.

Internet via satellite

Internet access via satellite has been around since the 1990s, traditionally via one or more satellites in geostationary orbit about 35 786 km above the Earth.
Two types of satellite services are offered:

One-Way satellite: you connect via telephone line and get data back via satellite.
Two-Way satellite: all communication is via satellite.

Weather effects are a major drawback with this option.

Internet via jet link

A jet link is a communication system that uses a beam of radio waves in the microwave frequency range to transmit video (image) , audio (sound) or data (data) between two locations, which requires that the transmitting and receiving dish or directional antennas be precisely aligned. There must be unobstructed visibility between the two stations. Due to the curvature of the earth's surface, the maximum range is limited.

Internet via mobile phone network
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