Internet in the outlying area

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Internet in rural areas is becoming increasingly important.

Operations in the agricultural sector are increasingly demanding:
Monitoring of climate control systems.
Robots and PLCs are internet-enabled and can easily transmit data and orders.
Agro apps (think iSoyl, T4C, AMS notifier).
With poor internet, you are just very limited in your options. Living on the farm is great until you need high-speed internet. Not just once the kids start college. The internet is a necessary part of modern life.

Outlying area: that sounds like not many locations but nothing could be further from the truth! According to planburo figures, 74 percent of the Dutch live in urban regions.
So 26% live in the outskirts / rural areas.
Do the math on how many people , households and companies that is....

What are the options for Internet in the outlying area?

Fortunately, in the Netherlands there are very good options for a fast and stable Internet connection in the outlying area.
If you do not have a fiber connection you can choose from the following options:

Via the telephone network (VDSL or xDSL)
Via (television) cable
Via the 4G and 5G network
Via satellite
Via jet link
Look here for an article we wrote about these options for high-speed Internet without fiber.

Nice and interesting to mention are 2 projects started for those areas of the world where there is no 4G coverage:
Project Loon

Project Loon:
Project Loon is (...was...) the name of a project started in June 2013 by Google Inc.
Because two-thirds of the world's population does not have an Internet connection, Google tried to use hot-air balloons equipped with Wi-Fi equipment to bring the Internet to those areas. They landed at 20 km altitude in the stratosphere.
Google's plan was to eventually create an uninterrupted Internet connection.
On Jan. 22, 2021, Alastair Westgarth, CEO of Loon, announced that the program was being discontinued. Producing the balloons would no longer be financially viable.

Starlink is a satellite network that has been under construction since 2015. The first satellites were launched in 2018. It is a project of Elon Musk's American space company SpaceX to provide Internet access. By placing thousands of satellites in low Earth orbit (at +/- 1100 to 1300 Km altitude), the company wants to be able to provide broadband Internet worldwide.
Starlink wants to be available on most of the Earth. The north and south poles are an exception.
Wikipedia has more information about this project, it also tracks when new satellites are launched into the atmosphere and how many !!!

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Risks to businesses if internet in outlying area
is not securely set up

If a farmer's business system security is not in order, a lot of damage can occur.
Digitalization is increasing rapidly in the agricultural sector. The "Internet of Things," smart farming and the ability to digitally control large parts of farms are creating unprecedented opportunities.
Automatic cooling of products, milking robots, climate control in barns or horticultural greenhouses and feed computers. It is becoming more and more commonplace and is usually directly connected to the Internet.

Convenient, because controllable and controllable remotely. 'At the same time, this also brings new risks.
On a farm, business and private life often intermingle. The children do homework or chat on a computer that houses the farm administration and is connected to the milking robot.
If such a system is hacked, for example to hold it hostage for compensation, it has major consequences.'
Farmers are not ICT people. That's fine, because their expertise lies elsewhere.
Tip: Get a good IT party to help you set up the network properly and securely.
With some simple tools, such as a data safe for passwords, you can already increase that security.

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Internet in the Outlying Area
the Conclusion:

Fast Internet should be considered a utility !!!
More attention should be paid to the importance of good and secure internet for the outlying area. Don't stare blindly at fiber optics. Look here for an article on the possibilities for fast internet without fiber optics.

Just as you get gas and electricity at your door, so should a good and fast Internet connection. Wired or via other smart technologies.

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