For many farmers in Agriculture and Livestock, digitizing is a nightmare. As a farmer, you want to be working on your passion, your business, and not on things like digitization. And yet, it is always worth the investment. In this article we explain to you what all is possible.

With AirInternet everything is possible in Agriculture and Livestock and you will find
Smart agricultural technologies for sustainable growth!

What is digitization in agriculture and animal husbandry ?

Digitalization of agriculture can be a cure for waste. Data-driven innovation in agriculture can transform this sector in Europe and contribute to a sustainable and efficient agricultural and food chain. New technologies offer opportunities to tell how carefully a plant is fertilized, how the dairy farmer knows that a cow needs a little more protein, and how the grower has his tomatoes targeted for protection by parasitic wasps. From artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics to the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G, the latest technologies can support farmers and agribusinesses. They are invaluable.

Is digitization in agriculture and animal husbandry even necessary? Yes indeed!

Why is digitization important?

Precision farming: optimization of agricultural processes is important and necessary. It provides better workflow, more efficiency, better products and entirely new services. This in turn brings other benefits, such as improved competitiveness. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, digitized companies also benefit from: New channels for customer acquisition.
The European Commission has prepared a page on the use of digitization in the agricultural sector in Europe .
Digitization can contribute to a sustainable and efficient agricultural and food chain.

Digitalization in Agriculture and Livestock maximizes your online presence

More and more livestock farms are equipped with ICT solutions and it is not surprising that more and more of these solutions are also connected to sensors. With Digital transformation in the livestock industry, you know exactly how many meters a cow has walked.... You can analyze the data and draw conclusions based on behavior. A cow that lies down a lot might be getting sick... Then you can check that cow specifically...

And smart agriculture is now well established in agriculture as well. You can measure soil conditions. For example, if it is very dry, irrigation can start automatically.

How does digitization work in Agriculture

Internet of Things (IoT) technology is transforming the agriculture sector by giving farmers access to real-time data on environmental and machine conditions. Technology trends in agriculture are helping farmers make better decisions and improve every aspect of their work, including crop-keeping and livestock monitoring. By combining IoT real-time data with accurate geospatial data, farmers can practice precision agriculture, resulting in higher yields, less waste and more sustainable practices.

In addition, IoT technology allows farmers to remotely monitor crops and livestock, reduce labor costs and ensure the health and safety of their animals.

How does digitization work in animal husbandry?

Digitization makes data more readily available throughout the livestock supply chain, different data are linked more quickly, providing new information and insights.
Livestock farmers will have more opportunities to match the animals' living environment to their needs, with positive consequences for health and animal welfare.

How do I know which digitization in agriculture and animal husbandry is the best solution for me?

Digitization is customized; it is important that you choose the best solution. The most important thing is a good Internet connection. This must be fast and stable. For this you don't have to wait for fiber optics. AirInternet is a good and affordable solution.


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