Fixed IP Box

Fixed IP Box

The Fixed IP Box, or FIP, is a box that provides all connections with a fixed IP address. Unlike a regular modem, this box separates the Internet connection and the fixed IP address. Multiple Internet connections can be connected to the FIP box simultaneously, creating a failover. In the event of a failure, your router ensures that the connection is switched to another connection. The FIP box then ensures that all connections have the same IP address, so you will not notice any interruption while switching.

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Thanks to the FIP box, Internet connections that currently do not have a fixed IP address can still get a fixed IP address. In fact, even if you change your Internet provider, your IP address remains the same!
The FIP boxes of QCS can be equipped with a /29 or /28 network, giving you access to 8 and 16 fixed IP addresses respectively. In terms of hardware, we have 2 variants, the heavy and light variant. The heavy variant can pass a maximum speed of 280Mbps, the light variant has a maximum of 80Mbps.
Do you want to deal with unsafe Internet connections and constantly changing IP addresses? Then order a FIP-Box today!


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