High-speed internet without fiber, how to get it

High-speed internet, Nobody can do without anymore

Nobody can do without fast Internet, yet it sometimes seems as if it is impossible in some places. People wonder how to get high-speed internet without fiber....
In many places, fiber has been or is being laid. But not for everyone.
Thousands of households will never be connected to fiber optic internet. It is often thought and written that fast internet without fibre optic is impossible.
But that is not true!!!

Fiber optic internet is superfast

Optical fiber is super-fast. Moreover, the system is less sensitive to interference than old solutions.
The fiber-optic cable uses less energy because it communicates data via light. That is a lot more economical than regular cable.

Piet Grootenboer, director of Delta Fiber Network said in a recent interview (December 2021):
"Delta Fiber Network lays fiber optic cables in the outlying areas of the Netherlands.
But we're not always allowed to dig cables through the dikes along the River Maas to prevent things from leaking."

People are tending to be more and more online;
A region without fast internet is really not up to date.
For companies, this is a must, because it ensures that they can grow. But how do you get fast internet without fiber?

Is fiber optic synonymous with fast internet? No, definitely not!

What is striking is that everywhere fiber optics is synonymous with fast internet. Not only in this article, but everywhere....
Now that makes sense to someone like Piet Grootenboer
But it's not right!!!

Fibre optic is fast internet, but fast internet is not just fibre optic.

Just like :
- A blackbird is a bird, but not all birds are blackbirds!!! -

Mobile Internet has become so stable and so fast that it is a very good choice instead of fiber optics.
The statement is therefore incorrect.
So Yes: Fast internet is always possible for households and companies that do not receive a (reduced) offer for fibre optics.
Fast internet without fibre optics exists!

High-speed internet - What possibilities are there without fiber?

There are five different ways to set up an Internet connection, some faster than others:

Via the telephone network
Via the (television) cable
Via fibre optic cable
Via the 4G and 5G network
By satellite

Telecom comparators can often online clarify the options that are available. Always check whether their advice is free of charge or not, so that you are not in for any surprises.
Of course, you can always call or e-mail us, we would be happy to think along with you. We've been providing fast internet without fibre optic for years.

High-speed internet without fiber
Where can I get it?

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