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No Fiber | No Problem
You just found the best 4G and 5G internet specialist for Business Solutions in rural and industrial areas. We provide connectivity on the thoughest places in Europe.

How it all began

In the early 1990s, the telecom market was slowly freed up in the Netherlands. KPN no longer had the monopoly. Toine saw this as an opportunity and his first company was born. About 20 years later, a new landslide occurred in the communication of people and businesses: 

Calling over the Internet became truly possible as the Internet became more stable and, in addition, the use of mobile telephony took off. Toine responded to this by founding a new company with some associates that wouldHostedVoice delivers to end users. Again with good service and support. Meanwhile, this company is steadily sailing its own course. 

Around 2015, the demand grew from our customers for fast and stable internet, with very good, fast service that people can fall back on 24/7. In rural areas and border regions, high-speed Internet was (and still is in 2022) not a given.  It is really not the case that businesses are only located where there is high-speed Internet, on the contrary. Neither do we by the way, our pitch is still a picturesque village in beautiful Central Limburg . 

Technologies took off, more and more was automated. The question was not how we and our team were going to solve this, but when. 

boldly go where no man has gone before, is what we have done and continue to do free to a Quote from Startrek , frequently used by tekkie Toine.

In 2016, the moment was there: the birth of AirInternet. Finally it's here: Fast and stable Internet anywhere in the Netherlands and Europe! 

The demand for such a solution soon proved to be so great that applications poured in from all over the country, so at the end of 2017 it was decided to create under its own entity areseller modelroll out, focusing on collaborations with beautiful and interesting IT companies from home, and abroad. 

Now, 4 years later, this has resulted in the beautiful QCS as you know it. With more than 50 IT partners throughout Europe, we have had the opportunity to implement many hundreds of projects over the past years. 

In doing so, we are still amazed by the many unique projects that partners bring to us, from airports to ferry connections and wind farms to fully automated farms. 

The applications are endless and only seem to increase with the passage of time! At QCS we therefore look to the future with confidence, where we hope to be able to establish many more great new collaborations in the years to come. 

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