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M2M IOT connectivity from QCS a unique collaboration between QCS and Telecom giant Orange in Europe!
Toine Theunissen
Toine TheunissenCEO

QCS is one of the few companies in Europe to have a particularly unique partnership with telecom provider Orange. Orange is not only strongly represented in Europe, worldwide they offer leading and efficient solutions in over 220 countries. Thanks to our unique cooperation, we are one of the few operators in Europe able to give you access to these leading solutions!

The best and safest solution in the market!
Internet of things, machine to machine and the advent of 5G is going to be big, lol! With a potential of 1 million devices per square kilometer that can connect to 5G, there are endless possibilities for businesses. So become part of the QCS family today and secure a smart future!

Internet of Things is formed by smart objects equipped with sensors that collect information. They then share that information via a communication network. That information (real-time if necessary) is used in process optimization, increases efficiency, profitability and safety, and even sparks new applications in the most diverse sectors. Orange is one of the biggest players in the Internet of Things in Europe.

QCS' M2M IOT solution is ideally suited for all your IOT projects. We can provide you with a provider independent IOT signal anywhere in Europe. Our IOT sim cards take the strongest internet signal from the air anywhere in Europe, provider independent. You can choose between a 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, NB-IOT or LTE-M signal.

We can provide your project with IOT sim cards that meet the very highest security requirements. If you have a larger project, we can also set up a specially tailored IOT data pool for you. If you first want to spar with us about what is the best setup for your project we are of course happy to do so as well!


  • 100 MB of data
  • SIM card costs
  • Highest security level
  • Access to portal

If you choose our standard IOT SIM card we provide you with 100MB per month. Once you have used up your credit, the card continues to run. You simply pay for the extra MBs consumed afterwards.

IoT Architect

- Are you also getting more and more demand for IoT applications from your customer network?
- Would you like to develop and deploy sensors to your customers but are not sure which hardware is best suited?
- Do you have special wishes regarding data collection and processing?
- Or would you like a customized dashboard that gives you insight into everything?

Then you have come to the right place with the IoT architect! Submit your project and its requirements to us and we will think with you, create an action plan and build the solution for you. Whether it is about the software to be used, hardware, connectivity, dashboard or data processing, for all your IoT questions you can turn to us.

With us you will find in-house the most complete range of European IoT connectivity.


We can provide Lora|2G|3G|4G|5G|NB-IoT|LTE-M on any network throughout Europe. Hardware wise we can provide you with a wide range of standard sensors. If this is not what you are looking for, you can talk to our sensor specialist to apply a piece of customization. We can present the final data of both the sensor connection and the resulting data in a custom made portal. Do you prefer to outsource the data processing? We are happy to take this over from you so you can concentrate on your core tasks.

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