Large data bundles for fast internet

Large data bundles for fast internet

How big should a data bundle be?

Are you currently missing out on sales? Because your customer does not have a fast Internet connection and therefore cannot offer VoIP, cloud services, video services, etc.? Or because the customer is in the outlying area and you think there is no alternative to fiber? Because you don't have a partner who can set up highly specialized and heavily secured connections? Not anymore! We are ready for you in Europe with AirInternet! AirInternet has a maximum speed of 600Mb/100Mb.

Which data bundle do we recommend?

Too big bundles do not exist because what you have is used . Bundles that are too small make the connection slow quickly. But what is too big and what is too small? And what is the ideal size for your customer? To answer the question of what is too big and what is too small, you first need to know what your customer needs. Contact us and we will think with you. Without any obligation. Call +31 88 433 33 33 or mail to

Differences in size data bundles - variation in Gb

With data bundles of 200, 400 and 1000 GB per month, we can offer the largest data bundles in the market. Unlike the well-known 5GB per day, there is no daily limit on these subscriptions. From day 1 you have access to the chosen amount of data for the whole month. This connection is not throttled when the monthly bundle limit is reached.

And when the big data bundle runs out?

Should (after being automatically warned in advance at 75% and 100% usage) the data bundle be exceeded, a new data bundle automatically switches on. The connection is never throttled.

Where can I get this large data bundle?

We deliver our products all over Europe. We do this through a partner network. Please contact us and we will put you in touch with a supplier. Ordered today is delivered tomorrow! Call +31 88 433 33 33 or mail to info@airinternet.euOr do you want to become a partner yourself? Of course you can! Call +31 88 433 3301 or mail to

What is a Gb in a data bundle anyway?

What are bits and bytes? Computers use a binary code as the basis for all computing. Binary code is a type of language that consists of strings of ones and zeros. A bit represents a binary digit, which can be a 0 or 1. A byte consists of eight bits. That series of eight is the smallest possible unit of information. You can use it to make a letter, for example. Take the letter "Z," in binary code that's 01111010. Software all works with those smallest units of information (bytes). That's why file sizes and sizes of storage media such as hard drives are indicated by bytes (kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes). But data is sent over the Internet line by zeroes or ones, i.e., by bits. Internet speeds are therefore indicated by bits (megabits, gigabits, and so on). The abbreviation for bit is a small b, and the abbreviation for byte is a large B.

According to the standard, "giga" means 1 billion; thus, according to this definition, 1 GB is equal to 1,000,000,000 bytes. The abbreviation Gbit stands for gigabit. The term Gbit is, mainly used to express upload speeds and download speeds. To give you an idea: downloading a YouTube movie takes about four seconds with an Internet speed of 20 Mbps. A gigabyte is, you guessed it, larger than a gigabit. To be exact, eight times larger. So one gigabyte consists of eight Gbits. The abbreviation for gigabyte is GB. Logically, there is a lot of confusion between gigabyte and gigabit.

On wikipedia there is the following explanation... https://nl.

At QCS you get the bundle you are entitled to, we write Gb but you just get 1024 Mb for 1 Gb. Of course

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