Management Platform

Being fully in control of your client's connections, that's what you want to be and that's what we deliver! Through you will get to our white label management platform, as a distributor of AirInternet you will get your own environment here where you can see all your connections.

Online or offline is

What the daily consumption is

What the monthly consumption is t

Notifications settings

Reading out signal values

If you use our modem software also change the provider over distance.

In addition, you will find the data reports for the past few months here, you can find your invoice summary and access useful technical documents here.

Do you also like to hand over part of the control to your end customer? There is also the possibility of creating a sub-portal for specific connections belonging to one particular customer. Of course, this one will then not have access to documents, accounts, etc.

If you want even more control over your connections, you can also use our API connection. You are then directly connected to our data center and can switch even faster.

By the way, you can also put your own sauce over all connections by choosing a private apn.

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