Municipalities and Collectives

QCS AirInternet for municipalities and collectives

Municipalities and Collectives

QCS supports various municipalities and collectives nationwide in finding a solution for a high-speed Internet connection. Many business parks are not yet equipped with a fast Internet connection. In addition, an equal number of business parks have been promised fast fiber connections but more often than not these promises cannot be kept afterwards. QCS helps municipalities and collectives by identifying the needs of such an area and seeing what is possible.

A fiber optic collective is often not feasible because the required number of users is not met or the cost of construction and the monthly fee are simply too high. In these cases QCS can offer a solution by offering AirInternet, among other things.


Among other things, we recommend:


AirInternet is a 4G/5G solution that guarantees a minimum speed of 40Mb/10Mb (download/upload). Maximum speeds of 600Mb/150Mb can currently be achieved. In addition, AirInternet issues a fixed IP address, a unique feature within 4G solutions. The comparison between AirInternet and business glass is therefore often made, and rightly so. In addition, AirInternet does not require digging, no permit is needed and everyone can decide individually. As a result, connection costs are much lower and delivery times are reduced. AirInternet is also ideally suited to bridge the period until fiber optics is installed. An additional advantage is that the connection can be converted into a backup connection after the arrival of fiber optics.

Benefits AirInternet:

  • Guaranteed high speeds
  • Deciding individually, not depending on collectives
  • No excavation
  • No permit required
  • Short delivery time
  • Redundant/stable solution
  • Significantly more affordable than business glass
  • After the advent of fiber, AirInternet can be used as a backup line.

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