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QCS AirInternet backup solution

Sim Only

You define the hardware we provide the connectivity, with one fixed ip address


Never go out of bundle again with a data pool for all your backup connections

Stay Connected, Backup!

Perhaps every company's worst nightmare is losing its Internet connection. With the advent of Cloud applications and trends such as Bring Your Own Device, a reliable connection to the Internet is more important than ever. However, research shows that 6 in 10 companies do not have a backup connection.

QCS offers business owners a reliable and affordable backup solutions that secures the work process in case of main connection failure.

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AirInternet Backup Sim-Only

QCS has several options to provide you with a suitable backup connection. We can provide you with a backup connection on a sim-only basis. You place the sim card in your hardware yourself and are responsible for a correct configuration between the main and backup connection. Depending on your requirements, you can provide this sim card with an annual or monthly data package, or you can pay for your data afterwards once the sim card is switched on.

Your SIM card is made visible in our portal from the start where you can monitor your SIM card's data usage in real time. The card is provided with one IP address. If you need multiple freely disposable IP addresses, we can provide them via our SD-WAN or Fixed IP-Box.

AirInternet Backup with modem

Is a Sim-Only Back-up connection not enough for you? Then you can also use our Backup modems. We have various types of modems and additional services and equipment such as our SD-WAN software and our Fixed IP Box, with which you can build an optimal and rock-solid backup connection. Furthermore, you can choose from one or more freely disposable public IP address(es) and we give you the option of monitoring the modem with us. A complete overview of the possibilities can be found above.


If you need multiple backup connections, we can also build you one big data pool. All sim cards and modems can use this. This eliminates the risk of a connection going over its bundle. You can use this data anywhere in Europe provider independent. Your connections simply take the strongest 4G or 5G signal available.

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