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AirInternet European
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without fiber optics!

The QCS AirInternet project allows business owners in a business park and outlying areas to use excellent, fast, business-friendly 4G Internet at very attractive rates and with a fixed IP address.

AirInternet can be applied to any location within Europe where Internet via cable is inadequate or too expensive. The installation is simple, on your premises a small receiver is placed which receives the signal and converts it to an internal internet signal.

Benefits of AirInternet

QCS does everything possible through its partner network to provide entrepreneurs in business parks and outlying areas with fast Internet connections comparable to fiber optics. AirInternet has numerous possibilities, so you have a stable Internet connection with a fixed public IP address. QCS AirInternet also offers the possibility for a backup Internet connection, an ideal redundancy! Each company within the Netherlands and Europe can use QCS AirInternet. You can also choose between data bundles, IP addresses and additional services. This allows you to compose the ideal connection yourself.

20X faster than ADSL

QCS guarantees an uptime of 99.8% for business internet, by using a very reliable proprietary network, with an internet connection up to 20x faster than your current connection. In addition, the AirInternet goes through the air instead of the ground, so you save on start-up costs and it is available quickly!

Davina Vorstenbosch, V.D. Wetering
Davina Vorstenbosch, V.D.Wetering@WerotaxRead more
"After using AirInternet for 2 years, we switched to fiber. We have always been treated and helped very well by QCS. Even if we called out of office hours there was always a friendly voice to get us back on track. We definitely recommend QCS/AirInternet to people who do not yet have fibre. From us a big 10 for you guys."
Kees Huinink
KeesHuinink@HuininkRead more
"The three new windmills in Nieuw- en Sint Joosland have a blade height of no less than one hundred meters. A fast and reliable internet connection is very important for the management of the windmills. This allows them to be switched on and off remotely, for example.
Normally in such a situation fiberglass is laid, but ICT company Huinink has managed to realize a cheaper alternative with AirInternet.

Some customer locations

Fast and robust internet

AirInternet has a maximum speed of 600Mb/150Mb. Should you (after being automatically warned in advance at 75% and 100% usage) exceed your data bundle, a new data bundle automatically switches on. Your connection is never throttled. If your Internet connection is so vital to your business that it should never be cut off, you can choose to connect a second connection to your 4G AirInternet connection. This can be done through our SD-WAN solution. An additional advantage of our SD-WAN solution is that all your Internet connections will have the same IP address.
Learn more: SD-WAN

Data bundles

With data bundles from 0 to 1000 GB per month, we can offer you the largest data bundles in the market. Unlike the well-known 5GB per day, there is no daily limit on these subscriptions. From day 1 you have access to the chosen amount of data for the whole month. This connection is not throttled once you reach the limit of your monthly bundle. The connection continues to run at the same constant speed, without being affected by reaching the limit. Afterwards, we simply charge you a small fee for the extra GBs you consumed, at least if you manage to consume the initial amount of data within one month. By the way, we monitor your bundle throughout the month and you will receive multiple notifications from us when you reach x percent of your bundle. So you will always be alerted if you go out of bundle.


For all connections that you close through QCS, these will be visible directly in your own portal. In this portal you can:

  • Reading the signal values of our modems
  • Sim cards on and off
  • Read your data usage in real time
  • Consult price lists and manuals
  • Viewing your invoices


Benefits at a glance:

  • Unlimited high-speed Internet.
  • Fixed IP address on your 4G connection possible.
  • Provider independent working possible.
  • E-sim sim cards available, never change your sim again.
  • Backups, Windows updates, etc. can no longer cause problems.
  • VoIP telephony over AirInternet is possible.
  • Cameras and alarm systems work smoothly over this connection.

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AirInternet for the expert

Do you possess a high degree of IT and 4G knowledge? Are the above standard products not sufficient for you? Then you can get started with our expert services. For example, we can provide you with your own custom made data pool, where you determine the data volume per month (minimum of 1 Terabyte per month). The advantage of the pool is that you can create your own subscription plans. Furthermore, you can realize more efficient data usage, if set up correctly.

If you have your own IP address block, then by moving your block to our data center we can deliver connections with your own IP addresses. We can also do this by assigning you your own SD-WAN server in our data center.

Furthermore, private APNs, Thales links and custom made data projects outside Europe are possible. Feel free to ask about the possibilities.

API connection

Through an API (Application Programming Interface) link. We build a gateway for you to an existing application of ours (for example, the AirInternet simmanagement system of an IoT connectivity application, such as M2M, LTE M or NB-IOT) that allows functionality of the application, to be made available to other systems. An API enables communication between different systems. APIs are designed to enter, restore, update and delete values. Our API uses the JSON protocol.

If you are interested in one or more of these expert services, please contact Toine Theunissen

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