Together with Bondix Intelligence, we have developed AirInternet SD-WAN. True WAN bonding with load balancing, fully transparent, a lightweight software client that requires minimal hardware.

Faster and more stable internet with SD-WAN

SD-WAN is the solution if you are struggling with a:

Low bandwidth

Poor coverage

Low redundancy

Poor reliability

High hardware costs

Multiple locations

Moving objects

Border crossings

With SD-WAN, two or more connections are combined into one connection, making the connection greater than the sum of the connections. Examples include:

  • Combination of a fiber connection with a 5G/4G backup connection.
    • A seamless transition to the backup connection.
  • Combination of 5G/4G connections from multiple operators.
    • Higher reliability and additional speed.
  • Load balancing, where each connection is focused on a different transmission tower.
    • Combine 5G/4G with Starlink.
  • Combine the two best wireless Internet solutions.
    • In addition, public IPV4 addresses are set up through Starlink.
  • Combine an xDSL connection with a 5G/4G connection.
    • Extra speed at peak hours.

SD-WAN is a software solution that QCS has integrated into a convenient plug-and-play bonding SD-WAN box (BSD-FIP). Modems for fiber, xDSL, 5G/4G and/or satellite are connected to this BSD-WAN box. You connect your router to the BSD-WAN box and the public IP address is assigned to your router via DHCP. SD-WAN is quick to implement, has low costs and high speeds! A perfect boost for your customers.

More about SD-WAN

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