SD-WAN what is it and what can you do with it


SD-WAN , it's among the buzzwords in IT in 2022. But what is it really?
In this article, we explain what it is and what you can do with it.

To get straight to the point: there is no single definition, it can even be hardware or software, it is not a standardized product.

SD-WAN , what does this abbreviation mean I

SD-WAN is an abbreviation for Software Defined - Wide Area Network; translated, it means a software defined WAN.

SD-WAN, what is WAN again

WAN is the abbreviation for wide area network, usually referring to WAN connections. A wide area network can be spread over a fairly large area such as a country or a continent. It includes a collection of machines to run user programs on, but it also includes connectivity.

The best-known example of a WAN is the Internet.

But a WAN can also be a network between locations of one company or a network between collaborating companies.
So WAN always consists of these 2 parts:

The connection; that may be 1 or more
The hardware; usually 1 or more switches or routers, to link the connections.

The QCS SD-WAN is a modem with special software on it to combine multiple connections into one professional business connection.
On Wikipedia you can find a good explanation of WAN

SD-WAN , what does this abbreviation mean II

So the SD in SD-WAN means "Software Defined" , and it makes the operation and management of the WAN easier.
The management of network traffic in a (large) network, is detached from the hardware. This virtualization of network solutions has serious advantages.

The application of SD-WAN technology allows you to make smart use of existing WAN connections. Think of MPLS (multi Protocol Label Switching) , broadband Internet 4G/5G or xDSL. In this way, the available bandwidth is used optimally and applications can perform optimally. Moreover, the costs usually go down significantly.

SD-WAN, what does this abbreviation mean to us?

When you purchase an SD-WAN from us, you are buying a worry-free Internet connection.
By combining 2 or more connections the always works smoothly.
These can be multiple operators, which greatly reduces connection downtime.
In fact, there is seamless switching from one connection to another when needed.
Depending on what you have set up. The customer is always "in control," determining which connection is used first. Software continuously monitors the connections. When the quality of the connection decreases (this is called decreasing performance), the second connection is switched without changing the IP addresses of the connection.

QCS has Layer 2 SD-WAN!

Over the past few months we have been working hard on our new SD-WAN solution. In cooperation with Bondix, we can now report that we are the first European party to have Layer 2 SD-WAN fully operational.

From now on we can provide a solution that can connect 4 Internet connections at the same time. Ideal for places where internet speed is currently slow and ideal as an automatic failover. Even if a connection does not currently have a fixed IP address, it will still receive it through the SD-WAN. On the SD-WAN, any Internet connection can be connected from 4G to satellite and from ADSL to fiber optic, note that the maximum bundled speed is currently 150Mbps.
150 Up and 150 Down!!!

So thanks to our SD-WAN you can not only give a speed boost to your connection ... you also create a higher uptime, our SLA guarantees an uptime of 99.5%, higher even than most fiber providers!

What knowledge do you need to bring our
SD-WAN in the marketplace

1 Webinar is enough to connect our SD-WAN solution to your customers. This is because you do not need any specific knowledge of SD-WAN, you get the equipment delivered ready-made. Normal knowledge of Internet connections and routers is sufficient. You indicate in advance what you want to use it for and then it will be programmed and set up for you.

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SD-WAN , follow our webinar

We regularly conduct webinars for our partners, and we also do so for interested parties.
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Where can I get this SD-WAN?

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