Reachability in Healthcare

Dec. 2023

In the acute care chain, multiple and different healthcare providers are often involved in the care of the same patient in a short period of time.

Therefore, it is important for the various acute care providers to have quick access to patient information and to share that information with each other.
Understanding aspects such as the patient's history, possible use of medications or chronic conditions, improves patient care: the patient gets the right care faster by the right provider in the right place.

Ambulance, GP and ER need to communicate very quickly and well. For example, with a stable high-speed Internet connection, the ambulance can bring more structure to the information and it is automatically processed in the ED.

Already from the ambulance, on the way to the hospital, information about the patient is sent to the hospital.

This allows the hospital to prepare for the patient's arrival, and the data sent digitally can be incorporated directly into the hospital system.
The ambulance care professional can also send the patient information to the patient's primary care physician for the purpose of the patient's records.

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